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Kelly’s a mother, outspoken news reporter and campaigner against lax gun laws. Despite being a gun owner herself, she’s been on the beat covering mass shootings and she’s had enough. Even cursing on live TV – but it was worth it to her, in order to raise the profile of her online petition for common sense gun laws.

Yet, living under the same roof is her isolated teen son Terrence. He’s a troubled kid, struggling with school bullies who mock his deaf/hard of hearing. Finding Kelly’s gun, Terrence wonders if it might be the answer to his problems.

While Kelly is caught up in ardent protests at city hall, ratcheting up more signatures for her cause; Terrence is attacked by bully Steve and his gang on the way to school. The incident is degrading and humiliating, leaving Terrence feeling angrier and more alone than ever.

As Kelly reports from the rally, she calls for everyone to stand up and fight, take action and demand justice to prevent the next massacre. Unbeknownst to her, a lost and broken Terrence heads into the schoolyard to confront Steve and the bullies, leading to a shocking conclusion that no family is immune to the destructive epidemic of gun violence.

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