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I immigrated to the United States ten years ago and I was alarmed at the number of shootings being reported on the news. Even more so, I was alarmed to see that "thoughts and prayers" were being used as the government response to the victim's families...instead of real action.

The gun issue in America was a topic I’d never seen represented in film. Gun control is something I feel passionate about, coming from a country where tighter regulation worked, so I thought I could offer a unique perspective on the issue.

I wanted to tell a story that explores how the deeply ingrained gun culture affects today's society. It’s not as clean cut as being for, or against, your 2nd amendment rights. We hear about the person who loves guns and uses them responsibly, just as much as the person who is anti-gun and believes that all firearms should be banned. What fascinates me the most, is the area in the middle. The Americans on mass, who regardless of their viewpoint, still own a firearm for self-defense. This perspective is the one I’d like to show - a common reality amidst an intrinsically complicated issue.

The impact of gun violence is felt most throughout families and our community. So, I’ve drawn inspiration from real life tragedies to use as the foundation of this story.

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